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Child, adolescent, adult, and forensic psychiatry
Julie Y. Low, M.D.
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Office Policies and Privacy Notice

Length and Nature of Appointments
During your first visit, Dr. Low will ask about your reasons for seeking psychiatric care and your goals for the future. After the initial visit, your appointments will last between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the nature of your treatment. At the end of the initial consultation appointment, Dr. Low provides a clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Subsequent appointments are scheduled at a frequency Dr. Low determines to be appropriate to the clinical issues at hand. A commitment to regular follow-up appointments is essential in order to monitor clinical response to treatment and to optimize outcome.

Late or Missed Appointments
Dr. Low begins and ends each appointment on time. Please contact Dr. Low with at least 24 hours workday notice to cancel an appointment or the full appointment fee will be charged. Please keep in mind that missed appointments disrupt your progress in treatment.

Phone Calls
Non-urgent clinical issues should be discussed at appointments. Dr. Low appreciates telephone calls only being made to the office for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next appointment. If extended phone time is requested by a patient, a fee for a phone appointment will be charged. Please do not email or text about clinical matters.

Medications and Refills
Inform all of your doctors about all of your medications and any new medical problems. Dr. Low does not call in prescriptions in lieu of an appointment. Prescription refills are given at regular appointments. Requests for prescription refills by telephone from patients who are not attending regular appointments will not be granted, as clinical issues regarding medication prescriptions and refills should always be discussed in person.

Dr. Low's practice is fee for service, and she accepts no insurance. She provides receipts for appointments to her patients, and payment is due at the end of every session. There is a fee for each prior authorization request Dr. Low is asked to perform. The fees for all services are reviewed at the initial consultation. There is a twenty four hour cancellation policy for appointments or the full fee is charged. Payment in full is due at the time of each appointment. Checks or cash are accepted. Checks should be made payable to Julie Low, M.D. 

Questions or Concerns
Dr. Low believes that excellent communication is the foundation for any lasting and meaningful therapeutic change. Therefore, she encourages her patients to share with her any questions or concerns they may have about the treatment plan. 

Privacy Notice
By accepting services from Dr. Low, you are agreeing to the HIPAA NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES. Click here to view Dr. Low's privacy notice.